Lusk Legacy Collection

The Lusk Legacy Collection is a graphic series inspired by the life of Jeremy Lusk, whose legacy has touched people all over the world. It is a reflection of his style, his heart, and the code he lived by.

Created by Lauren Lusk, In God’s Hands honors the memory of her late husband Jeremy Lusk (who had the words, “In God’s Hands” tattooed on his chest); a freestyle motocross legend who everyday exuded strength, compassion and courage. Jeremy was not only an amazing athlete and x-games gold medalist, he was a genuine person, a true friend, a loyal husband, loving son, and hero to so many.

We hope to encourage you to chase your dreams, do what you love and live life to the absolute fullest.

“Nothing’s as sacred as honor and nothing’s as loyal as love”

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IGH Legacy Tee

IGH Strength Tee

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  • Hi, I’m a little frustrated, I emailed your company early last week inquiring about trying toplace an order to be shipped to Canada ,but I have not heard back from anyone. I have now missed my sons birthday,whom I wanted the shirts for

    Scott Mabee February 1st
  • Having a team that is not only tlhcnicaley saavy, but also understands business and marketing strategy is distinct advantage. The folks at ThinkBigSites seem to be all over that!!!

    Giseli February 4th
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    uwkjiepnan February 5th
  • Wher can i buy the tees ?

    Ingo Mayer August 7th
  • are you still open for business or what? So frustrating. I want to buy. Buys hats and shirts and jewelry but cannot find anywhere.

    tina Landis November 28th