Behind the IGH Jewelry Line

IGH Founder Lauren Lusk collaborated with NY b

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ased jewelry guru, Julie Chavez to create the Luxe Collection and Fashion Jewelry Collection by In Gods Hands. Julie is based on the East Coast while Lauren is in California, but they make it work and have designed an amazing collection together. We sat down with the girls and talked about their design process and what they think every girl should have in her jewelry collection!

Where do you get your inspiration for the designs?

Lauren: It reflects my overall style. I like to feel pretty with a little edge. The inspiration really comes from anything and everything around me.

Julie: As I was getting to know Lauren better through this process, we came up with five descriptive words to use when designing the line, and I use these as a guide to make sure each piece has at least two or more of these aspects and the piece would start to get closer to what Lauren wants just by using those descriptions.

What is the toughest part of the design process?

Julie: You always hope you are hitting something on the head. There is so much out there, so many different types of jewelry and you want your pieces to speak to a lot of different people. That’s what you hope for, but at the end of the day it might not work out that way.

What are your personal favorite pieces from the collection?

Lauren: From the Luxe Collection. The Genesis Rosary, and Allure. Both pieces are made with riverstone and I love this stone. It looks good on everybody and it’s different. No one else is using that stone so it really stands out. From the Fashion Jewelry Collection, I would say all the bracelets. I love the whole bracelet collection. It is really strong.

Julie: Genesis is also one of my favorites. When we made that riverstone Rosary, there was no doubt about it. I also love Solstice bracelet set. From the Fashion Jewelry Collection, I really like Conquer and Splendor. Like Lauren said, the bracelets are just really fun you can mix and match them all from the line.

What is one piece of jewelry you think everyone should own and why?

Julie: I would say to push people to wear something that will break them out of wearing the same thing all the time. If a woman wears diamonds all the time, have her change it up to a bracelet with stones and brass chains just for something different.

Lauren: I would say something that makes a person feel pretty and confident.

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